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Ok, so you are not sure you want video because you never watched your wedding video. This is not a boring, long, video. This is a film!! With all our techy toys we are creating Mitzvah Cinema! These films have a high end look to them at a middle of the road price. We are changing the expectations of the Bar Mitzvah video. They are touching, as well as fun to watch. We do put chapter markers so you can skip over the kid speeches (which are full of jokes and references that only your child will know. Don't bother asking, they won't tell you and it might curl your hair to hear what they are reallly talking about). Well, they love watching that part but you can just jump past that to the part you want to see, Your friends dancing and acting silly. We try to capture all the points of the party and condense it down to the best moments with speeches left intact. We also offer a highlight 5min short film as an addon for people who want an MTV (like the reference! these kids today would not get it) style video. Not as short as a Vine but almost as much fun to watch :)